AUSTRALIA: Crikey! Obama Wins Again

November 6th was an important day for the entire world and each country reacted differently to President Obama’s reelection.

Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard commended the president by stating, “On behalf of the Government and people of Australia, I offer warm congratulations to President Barack Obama on his reelection and wish him every success for his second term in office.” She also added that, “Australia has worked closely with President Obama and his administration over the past four years… I look forward to continuing this friendship.”

Australian Journalist Daniel Flitton wrote in a recent article that a victory for Mitt Romney would have put a strain on US-Australian relations. He also added that “a Romney presidency would have also heralded a more bellicose US policy towards the Middle East, dragging US attention away from Asia but also making demands on Australia over problems a long way from home.”

Flitton has a point. Today, Asia should be America’s focus for international relations, for that it has long been short sighted by the Middle East. Upon seeing Australia’s reaction to the elections, it seems Americans weren’t the only ones worried about intervention in the Middle East under a Romney administration.

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