VIETNAM: Welcome Back, But What Now?

On the night of November 6th, 2012, the cheers of O-ba-ma echoed through the air in the United States. Although bittersweet to supporters of the Republican Party, reelected President Barack Obama is perceived positively by the Vietnamese community.

President Obama is in the spotlight as he is expected to focus on the American economy first, and then foreign relations with East Asia. Despite the different pressures, the Vietnamese public has high hopes for our first minority president. The Vietnam Network Bridge reported in their article “Vietnamese celebrate Obama’s victory”, that the reelected president is viewed with acclaim and there are many positive cheers coming from forums and Facebook users across Vietnam.

Vietnam’s Internet users associate President Obama (rightly or wrongly) with peace and, Republican candidate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, with war. The general idea flowing through the Vietnamese community is that peace should overcome war,
so when Obama was re-elected, they rejoiced. In addition, Obama supporters feel personally familiar with the president and are emotionally touched by his ideals.

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