MALAYSIA: Any Press is Good Press Insist Sexy Malay Swingers

Malaysian sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee have confronted the media since their controversial videos and photos went viral this October. The couple has made headlines in major Malaysian and Singaporean press outlets after posting videos and photos of their sexual activity. They have also admitted to engaging in sex acts with multiple partners who have since shown interest online.

Alvin, a 24 year old law scholar at National University of Singapore, received a notice to appear before a disciplinary board at the University to decide what consequences are appropriate. In a YouTube video, he and girlfriend Vivian insist that despite the negative attention, they are enjoying their fifteen minutes of fame. In vlog interviews, Alvin explains that his family has been supportive, yet concerned, while Vivian’s family is very upset, giving her the ultimatum of moving out of their home or marrying Alvin. Pressure from both of their families, they explain, caused them to remove any “sumptuous erotica” material from their blog.

When the couple responded to the question of whether or not they will issue a public apology, neither felt that it was necessary. Offended by their blog? Then “screw you!” replies Alvin Tan.

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