LMU LOS ANGELES: Prof. David Kang Explains East Asia

East Asia, for so long a seeming model of geopolitical stability, has become dangerously tense. Territorial disputes involving Korea, China and Japan over the Dokdo/Takeshima and Senkaku/Diaoyu islands comprise just the top layer of the troubles.

To explain what is driving the current tension, LMU’s Center for Asian Business has organized a very special event:  lecture and discussion titled “Whose Land Is This?  East Asia’s Territorial Disputes.” The presenter is the internationally recognized expert Dr. David Kang, Director of the Korean Studies Institute and Professor of International Relations and Business at the University of Southern California, with appointments in both the School of International Relations and the Marshall School of Business.

His latest book is “East Asia Before the West: Five Centuries of Trade and Tribute.” He is the co-author with Victor Cha of the acclaimed “Nuclear North Korea: A Debate on Engagement Strategies”. Prof. Kang is a widely published commentator in both popular and scholarly periodicals and pens a monthly column for Joongang Ilbo in South Korea. He received an A.B. with honors from Stanford University and his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley.

The special event venue is the Hilton 100 Auditorium on the campus of Loyola Marymount University.  The date is Wednesday 13 February at 6pm. Students are alerted that pizza and soda are served. For further details, contact Marki Hackett, Program Coordinator at mhackett@lmu.edu or 310-338-7594.

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