SINGAPORE: Social Media Mourns As Well

It is no exaggeration to say that all of Singapore is mourning the death of two brothers who collided into a cement-mixing truck. The city-state’s media is all over the story, and its social media is humming overtime.

Recently, Nigel Yap, 13, offered to pick up his younger brother Donavan, 7, from Tampines North Primary School. His mother Madam Suliani Ang usually picked up her son from school, but with Donavan’s first wushu lesson finishing at 5 pm, her elder son wanted to make sure she was not late for her work shift at McDonald’s. Unfortunately the bicycle collided with a mixing truck on their way home at the junction of Tampines Ave 9 and Tampines Street 45 and they never returned home.

Ever since, the country has reached out to the family in various ways to show their sympathy and to make sure a tragedy like this is not repeated. An estimated 300 Singaporeans participated in a candlelight vigil at the junction where the accident occurred, leaving behind a shrine of flowers, toys, and letters.

Education Minister Heng Swee Keat utilized the social media site FaceBook to express his sadness and assure the public that the police would closely investigate the accident and partner with Land Transport Authority “on further measures to enhance safety.” Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, President Tony Tan, and other high-profile public servants also offered their condolences to the family.

The accident left parents Francis Yap and Suliani Ang childless and completely devastated. Family members say the boys’ mother Madam Suliani Ang has been inconsolable since the accident. She attended her sons’ funeral on January 31 in a wheelchair, too weak to even walk. Her husband has since publicly expressed his forgiveness to the driver for what he believes was “purely an accident.” As for the driver, he is reportedly “deeply saddened” and is on bail with a suspended

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