MALAYSIA: ‘Dakar Rally’ of the Gaza Strip


The Palestinian people welcomed Malaysia’s Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Razak last week on a “Dakar Rally” type visit to the Gaza Strip.

Najin Razak got a real feel for life on the Gaza Strip with a tour that consisted of zipping through the narrow streets in a 30-car delegation. His hosts, the Hamas party, wanted him to see first hand as much as he could of the struggles and destruction brought to their people by Israeli aggression. Although his visit was not luxurious, he understood why it was so fast paced.

His “humanitarian” visit allowed him to publicly announce his concerns for the Palestinian people and express his solidarity with the Palestinian people. In addition, he expressed his strong belief that Fatah and Hamas must create a consensus government.

Razak is the first non-Arab head of government to visit the Gaza Strip, and he is only the second head of government to visit Gaza since Hamas first gained power of the territory more than five years ago.

His visit is certainly a stepping-stone to Malaysia’s role in international involvement, and has also created greater opportunity for other global leaders to visit the territory.

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