CHINA: Local Media Demands Justice for Angel of Death

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – Nurses. We trust them to take care of the sick and, as their name suggests, nurture their patients back to health. But what happens when they shirk their duties and instead harm the very people they are supposed to be watching over? On May 31, local health authorities reported that a nurse in southwest China’s Guizhou province was fired for cutting the face of a two-year-old patient in the ICU of a local hospital.

Thanks to local media reports, public outrage reached the provincial health authorities. In response to the public demand for answers and accountability, authorities have since started an inquiry. The child was reportedly diagnosed with congenital heart disease, and was brutally stabbed seven times in the face just after undergoing surgery. The child died the next day.

Investigators have determined that the gouge was certainly not intended to wake up the child from surgery and the provincial health bureau has stated that the action completely and utterly violates normal nursing procedures. Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital has since suspended the person in charge of the intensive care unit as well as the head nurse. The hospital also released a letter in which it expressed its deep regret to the family of the murdered child and to the general public for the serious desecration of hospital regulations and loss of work ethic.

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