BANGLADESH: Televised Nationwide Quiz – No Cheating!

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – In the hopes of promoting a well rounded education, Bangladesh is turning to the media to showcase its first ever, nation wide quiz.

Launched by the leading Bangladeshi newspaper, The Daily Star and the e-learning portal, the quiz tested kids from classes VI to X approximately between the ages of 11 and 15. A total of 8,000 students participated in the first round of the quiz that started on September 3 at schools in Dhaka, Chittagong, and in the countries other 5 divisional cities. Students who passed this first test participated in an oral test that was conducted from September 14 to 21 in front of a jury panel of journalists and television personalities.

Now the final televised round is scheduled to take place with the remaining 128 contestants. The quiz, called “Bangladesh First” tests the students’ knowledge of Bangladesh’s history, tradition, culture, geography, literature, and contemporary issues in an effort to show that, as a Bengali person, having knowledge of one’s nation is highly important. The final 128 students will be divided into pairs of two with first, second, and third place educational scholarship awards. The winning team will receive an educational award of Tk 5 lakh, which is the equivalent of about $6,445. The televised and final round of the contest will be aired by Maasranga TV later this month.

Not only is the televised nationwide quiz promoting Bangladeshi knowledge, but with the educational award prizes, it is also helping students continue with their own education. Education and media can make for a winning team.

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