NEW ZEALAND: Diving into an Ocean of Telecommunication

EJ DE LARA WRITES – New Zealand is taking the plunge into a deep sea of possibilities for research and telecommunication development with its new submarine cable plans.

On October 26, the New Zealand Government signed a deal with Hawaiki submarine cable for 15 million. With this plan, Hawaiki plans to build a 12,000 kilometer cable system across New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, and the United States to meet research and educational purposes. This deal signifies the government’s movement towards international and educational development.

In an interview with the New Zealand Tribune, Hamish Fletcher, the Communications and Information Technology Minister, said, “In order to take part in global research projects, our research and education communities need dedicated capacity that can handle huge data volumes, and provide high levels of reliability. International, collaborative projects are characterized by intermittent, high-throughput, multi-terabit data flows that may last for days.”

This project will open the door for any future international telecommunication links. Not only is the government meeting the interests of different companies, but it’s also setting the bar high for international Internet cable connections. With this new cable, the country’s educational and research institutions will have more access to global communication and media. If the New Zealand internet cable system can pull this amazing feat off, who knows how much its media and educational systems will grow!

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