VIETNAM: Like a Virgin (Insured)?!

YVONNE EPPS WRITES – Cultural icons can get away with insuring the body parts that made them famous, but when someone starts insuring their virginity, things can get dicey.

The king of nhac vang, a genre of music, Ngoc Son, is reported to tell the media that he’s insuring his virginity for 1 million USD. The singer insists his chastity despite previous controversies, such as sex scandals and rumored homosexuality. But the press is becoming quite chafed with celebrities who deny insuring their assets. Thanh Nien mentions that many believe Son is just attracting attention, but it calls interest to the entertainment industry’s history with alleged body part insurance. They bring up that models Vu Hoang Diep and Ha Vy claim that their long, beautiful legs are worth $50,000 USD, but dodge questions about whether they’re insured.

Body part insurance isn’t banned and the low demand prevents its supply in Vietnam, so Son’s claim is unusual, right? It is common for agencies to provide insurance for occupational accidents, but is Son’s virginity really an “asset” that can be be affected by an on-the-job “accident?”

While his insurance claims are questioned, the controversy surrounding Son will fuel the press for another day, but was this really about virginity insurance? It just seems to be an elaborate ploy to assert the morality of this celebrity.

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