AFGHANISTAN: The “Courage” of an Afghan Journalist

VITTO BANEZ WRITES – What makes a good journalist? Is it the way they pursue a lead? Or can it be the way they go with their gut? For Najiba Ayubi, it was her love for the media of her homeland. This passion led her to voice her opinion on the country’s independent media, specifically on how the Ministry of Culture managed it.

She took a big risk questioning the way independent media was being run. Due to this courageous call, she became discredited for her work. Despite the setback, Ayubi still seemed content with her decision and continued on, finding it an interesting experience. She faced adversity nothing as a journalist, but as a female. Ayubi ovecame challenges such as people following her, threats from the government, accusations, charges, and so much more. Through her passion to fight for independent media and her strength to prevail against several trials, Ayubi was the perfect candidate for the Courage in Journalism Award. Ayubi exemplifies leadership, courage, and honor through her work at Killid, the Afghan Independent Media Consortium and the Freedom of Expression Initiative. She displayed strength by advocating for journalism ethics and press freedom.

Najiba Ayubi is the third recipient of the award. She is one of a few female journalist in Afghanistan, but and one of the even fewer whose voice was certainly heard.

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