MALAYSIA: Trickery beats out U.S. Navy’s Ignorance

MARLENA NIP WRITES– A sneaky Malaysian businessman is accused of overcharging the U.S. Navy and obtaining military secrets from naval officers.

Three senior officials were arrested from the United States Navy for taking part in one the highest corruption scandals within the Navy in years. U.S. Naval Commander Jose Luiz Sanchez is one of the three arrested on charges of accepting escorts, high-end hotel stays, pricey plane tickets, and cash.

Leonard Francis, nicknamed “Fat Leonard”, from the Malaysian contracting company Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA), has been supplying tugboats, food, waste-disposal and security services to the Navy ships for 25 years.  These contracts could possibly be worth over $200 million. Francis intentionally sent these Navy ships to other ports in Malaysia and Thailand to overcharge on ship services. Francis has been in contact with the three senior US officials to keep his contract with the Navy. In order to continue these contracts, Francis has been bribing the men with prostitute, Lady Gaga tickets, and luxurious vacations. This has all been done without the U.S. Navy realizing it.

Along with these arrests the contracts have been suspended. Navy commander Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz, is also accused of delivering top secret Navy information to Mr. Francis. These violations have the Pentagon extremely concerned and will spark a series of investigations on the issue.

Why isn’t anyone in the media paying attention to where all of this money is going?  Navy fraud and bribery has been widening and it is about time someone takes a better look

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