CHINA: See Things Through the Chengguan’s Eyes

HUNTER POST WRITES – A member of the urban patrol of Changzhou has purchased a pair of Google glasses with the intent of increasing the transparency of his work.

Jiang Yifan, a young officer, is a member of the Chengguan, a special branch of the police.  It’s a combination of police and civil inspectors who are notorious for being violent, though rarely being investigated or punished.

On April 19, rioters in Wenzhou City allegedly beat four members of the Chengguan to death.  This occurred after the Chengguan reportedly bludgeoned a man with a hammer because he was suspected of filming their misconduct against a female street vendor.

In an attempt to clear up further misunderstandings, Jiang posted a picture of himself wearing the glasses on his micro blog. He stated that he hoped that filming his work would help keep the Chengguan accountable.  After brief Internet speculation, it was also confirmed that Jiang purchased the glasses personally, and government funds were not used.

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