NEW ZEALAND: The Rise of Convenient Entertainment

VERONICA BANEZ WRITES – Lightbox, Neon, Netflix, Quickflix, Sky TV. These are only a few of the many streaming movie and television services that are provided in New Zealand.

James Croot and Blayne Slabbert, writers for the website, really put into perspective the wide range of differences between all the various online streaming services that are available in the country. So now the question is, why the rising interest in these services?

Elizabeth Fry, a writer for website INTHEBLACK, states that, “The magic of streaming on demand is being able to binge on episodes or watch a movie in the middle of the night.” People love satisfying their cravings, especially when it comes to their go-to movie or television series.

The great thing about online streaming services is that a person does not have to wait for a show or movie’s airing time to get their comedy or dramatic fix; when they have an urge to watch a particular genre, it is as easy as picking up a device and typing in a URL.

The rise of all these different streaming services is a huge breakthrough for a small country like New Zealand. Netflix, being the newest addition to the countries vast selection of services, is trying to reach the prime position in the online streaming landscape.

In the United States, Netflix has been a huge success, as well as one of the more popular choices of streaming services. It is only a matter of time before the company manages to find its way to the top and conquer yet another country of binge-watchers.

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