LMU/LOS ANGELES: ‘Interactive International’ Seminars Launched

Asia Media Writes — This past spring semester, LMU competed three live interactive seminars with Fudan University in Shanghai, as well as a media workshop with China Daily, the English language daily in Beijing with the largest circulation in the world’s most populous nation.

The Fudan series was conducted in collaboration with Prof. AMI Studio PixDoug Young of the Graduate School of Journalism. And the China Daily seminar, om the topic of ‘The Perils of Deadline Writing’ was conducted with younger staff journalists in the main conference room of the newspaper. From the LMU end, students and Prof. Tom Plate gathered in the Asia Media International Trans-Pacific Studio, in University Hall 3319.

Asia Media International is negotiating to proceed apace with these live, trans-Pacific Skype-type seminars consistent with its strategic plan to emphasize truly valuable international education.

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