NORTH KOREA: Kumdang-2 Cures Everything That Ails Ya

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – Is impotence keeping you down? Tired of having bad skin? Suffering from cancer, Ebola, AIDS, MERS, or almost any other scary, life-threatening disease? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions and are able to visit North Korea, you may want to ask your physician about Kumdang-2.

Kumdang-2 is a revolutionary drug that can cure a variety of potentially life-threatening ailments, as well as clear up other inconvenient conditions.  The drug is administered through a painless injection, and side effects may include…absolutely nothing. It is safe to take Kumdang-2 with other medications. If you want to live a healthier, happier life, talk to your doctor about Kumdang-2. It’s divine intervention in a syringe!

Did any of those statements sound too good to be true? If so, you are not alone. North Korea’s state-run media recently claimed that the country has developed a miracle drug known as Kumdang-2, and it sounds like something you’d find at a medieval apothecary. Composed of a mixture of ginseng, “rare earth elements,” and small amounts of gold and platinum, it is said that the compound can cure various conditions such as tuberculosis, cancer, Ebola, MERS, impotence, and bird flu. The drug’s website claims that since 1989, tests have consistently proven its efficacy. A report found on the website claims that after receiving injections of Kumdang-2 for less than a month, people “foreseen to be disabled even after recovery” were able to “run all the way home like sportsmen.”

Not surprisingly, media outlets around the world are skeptical about Kumdang-2’s abilities. Some point to the fact that many North Koreans suffer from some of the diseases Kumdang-2 is supposed to cure. Others point to the country’s history of deception and outrageous claims as reasons to not fall for the hype. The Guardian newspaper in London notes that North Korea has praised this wonder drug before, and that it can be ordered online for a low price from a Russian distributor. Call us cynical, but if Kumdang-2 does what the North Korean government says it can do, wouldn’t there be more proof than just their word?

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