Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating (1991-1996, pictured right) offers a crystal-clear vision of China’s rise in Asia in a deeply thought-provoking interview with Kerry O’Brien, one of Australia’s most respected journalists.

The hour-long radio session  with the highly informed, forward-thinking Keating, now 72, covers a valuable range of topics, including his first-hand impressions of China’s President Xi Jinping, the titanic power shift in the Asia-Pacific region, the urgent need to recognize China’s legitimate national interests, and the depressingly inept intellectual character of America’s thinking about its 21st century role in Asia.

Keating is brilliant, and interviewer O’Brien skillfully teases the best out of this extraordinarily up-to-speed Australian statesman.  This is must-listening for all who care about Asia’s future.  Hats off to Australian Broadcasting Company’s Prime Ministers series: Paul Keating and China. Presented by UTS’s Australia China Relations Institute (ACRI), Sydney.

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