WROTE LMU PROFESSOR MICHAEL GENOVESE WITHIN MINUTES AFTER THE 1ST CLINTON-TRUMP DEBATE – It was perhaps not a knockout, but certainly a TKO.  Hillary was the clear winner in a lively and fascinating debate.  On body language and facial expression, Trump looked like a spoiled child, smirking his way from start to finish – not at all presidential.  The grown-up versus the spoiled child debate was partly a result of Hillary’s preparation and Donald’s lack of preparation. And what do you want, a president who wings it or a president who puts in the hard hours of work?

Both had a deficit reduction problem.  Hillary’s was the trust deficit, Donald’s was the Wild Loose-Cannon deficit.  Hillary may not have done much to close her gap, but Donald hurt himself tonight.

Does this move the needle?  It will probably will stem the rise of Donald for now, and give Hillary a boost.

Was there a major gaffe?  Trump saying that Hillary had been “fighting ISIS your entire adult life” might qualify as the dumb gaffe of the evening.

There were lots of ups and downs, but clearly, Hillary won on points. Not a slam dunk but a clear victor for Hillary. I thought Donald would do better but in one-on-one he did not have “game”.

One looked presidential, the other did not.


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