YI NING WONG WRITES – Digital content producer, 88rising, gained global recognition when the British multinational advertising agency, Wire and Plastic Products, decided to make a major investment in the company. WPP’s strategic investment in 88rising contributes to WPP’s goal to grow digital content companies within Asian millennial markets.

88rising is a promising investment, rapidly making an impact on millennial audiences. It has uploaded 197 videos on its YouTube channel, and accumulated over 465,000 subscribers in the past year.

Although numerous media companies exist in the U.S., 88rising finds success through its dedication to celebrating global Asian culture by combining elements from both eastern and western culture in their content. The company accomplishes this through a variety of videos that highlight Asian culture, media, cuisine and music. However, it is perhaps best known for its fusion of Asia and hip-hop.

For example, one of 88rising’s most popular talents is Rich Chigga, a 17-year old, Indonesian rapper and comedian. He gained his fame through his homemade viral debut, “Dat Stick”, with approximately 47 million YouTube views. Since then, he has been producing more original music and making video appearances with popular hip-hop artists such as Tyler the Creator and Pharrel Williams. He has gained popularity among U.S. audiences, completing his recent sold out tour across the U.S.

Rich Chigga’s success on You Tube motivated 88rising to follow a similar marketing strategy by promoting the Chinese rap group Higher Brothers and creating collaborations with world-renowned, Korean-American artist, Jay Park.

Promotional Photo for Higher Brothers (88rising)

88rising’s aim to increase Asian visibility and pride throughout digital media portrays Asians in a new, multicultural light that bridges gaps between the east and the west.

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