ASIA MEDIA INTERNATIONAL WRITES — For the third consecutive year, South Korea’s famed Yonsei University and the USA West Coast’s celebrated Loyola Marymount University concluded a special and most innovative experiment in trans-Pacific international education,

From the official AMI statement: “Sustainable and remarkable international education innovation via teamwork between Jennifer Ramos’ International Relations program and Loyola Marymount University’s Asia Media International Center proceeds apace. For the 3rd consecutive Spring semester a real-time seminar series focused on live student interaction (including joint trans-pacific teams delivering oral and text reports on contemporary international issues) finished with a flourish. Picture shows students at the LMU end engaged with counterparts at Yonsei, ranked in the top 3 of Korean universities, in the top 20 in Asia, and sometimes among the top 100 worldwide. The participating professor in Seoul was Dr Hans Schattle of the Yonsei Political Science Dept, originally brought into our program by Dr Ramos via the medium of the prestigious International Studies Assn., where last week Dr Schattle made a panel presentation on the pioneering LMU-Yonsei program at its annual convention in San Francisco.”

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