This year’s GLOBAL POLICY INSTITUTE award-winning book is PUBLIC INTELLECTUAL: The Life of a Citizen Pilgrim (Clarity 2021), an endlessly insightful and opinionated autobiography by Princeton University’s Albert G. Milbank Professor of International Law and Practice. PUBLIC INTELLECTUAL has received warm praise from some of the globe’s more prominent intellectuals. Noam Chomsky called it “intimate and penetrating … a gripping story.” Dr. Vandaha Shiva: “Whether you are a peace activist or a researcher … Public Intellectual will enrich you intellectually and spiritually.” Dr. Cornell West: “Richard Falk is one of the great public intellectuals … who has preserved his integrity and consistency in our dark and decadent times. This wise and powerful memoir is a gift…”

The prestigious Global Policy Institute 2002 Best Book Award will be presented in a gala reception at the Del Rey Yacht Club, near the LMU campus, by Michael Genovese, GPI president, professor of Political Science and International Relations, and Institute for Leadership Studies Director; and by Professor Tom Plate of Asia Media International. Past winners of the GPI’s prestigious annual award include Harvard University’s Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt for their ‘How Democracies Die’, and ‘internationally acclaimed Soft Power’ Professor Joseph N. Nye Jr, also of Harvard, for his influential books on America’s role in the world.

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