JAPAN: Trying to Get Those Outsiders to Understand

Language can represent a daunting obstacle to traveling abroad. Kyodo News, Japan’s leading nonprofit news agency, aims to diminish this barrier through the introduction of Japan Portal. According to The Japan Times, the nation’s leading English-language publication, the trilingual website was created to both convey pertinent Japanese issues to foreigners as well as “attract more tourists and promote new products.

Available on the website are news selections from business and government bodies, all of which available in English, Chinese, and Korean. Alongside conventional stories, the site provides information on the nation’s nuclear crisis, immigration procedures, special events, popular culture and favorite tourist spots.

The punchy portal is part of a larger project with the goal to help “various organization enhance their profile overseas.” If Kyodo News remains committed to the site’s upkeep, Japan Portal will be a convenient way to stay up to date on Japan’s media or even to plan a trip to the country itself.


Interested? Check out Japan Portal!

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