SRI LANKA: So Now …. Dear BBDO …. Get To Work!

Not that there was any doubt, but it looks as if the truly awful Sir Lankan civil war really is totally, completely, irretrievably over. How do we know? It seems as if the legendary advertising agency BBDO Worldwide, which is known for taking chances but rarely making mistakes, has opened a stand-alone office in Colombo.
The civil war that wound down in 2009 all but decimated the Tamil populace, rightly triggering widespread international condemnation. But BBDO soldiered on nevertheless and kept up a presence by sharing an office with another agency. Now that the Sri Lankan economy is back on its feet – notwithstanding all the devastation, especially in the north and northeast – BBDO, whose current world corporate mantra is ‘the Work the Work the Work’, is now fully back on both of its own.
Batten, Barton, Derstine & Osborn, as it is spelled out, is a global advertising and media colossus, with something like 15,000 employees worldwide in nearly 80 offices.  And it has had a huge footprint in Asia, maintaining offices in India, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Economic tea-leaf readers thus rate BBDO’s move as a positive sign for the South Asian regional economy, and probably for BBDO as well.
(By the Asia Media Staff)

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