INDONESIA: Amnesty International Condemns Police Violence

Amnesty International recently released a report condemning police actions in response to the December 24th protests near Bima, Indonesia. The protest came in response to recent approval of an exploration permit given to a gold mining company operating in the region.  Protesters believed that mining would cause environmental degradation and threaten their livelihoods.

During the protest, police forces fired upon unarmed participants, killing at least three and injuring at least 80 other participants. In addition, first hand reports and video show widespread use of violence as police punched, kicked and dragged protesters who resisted.  It is also reported that at least 37 protesters are still currently detained.

Amnesty International has called for further investigations into these human right violations and for accountability on the part of the police, in addition to civilian court indictments regarding these matters. The police deny the accuracy of the reports.


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