SINGAPORE: High Expectations and False Advertising Leave Tourists Unimpressed

As Singapore becomes a hot vacation spot, tourists’ expectations increase as they hear of its booming economy and luxury resorts. But can Singapore keep up with these higher demands? Vacationers weighed in, seeming unimpressed.

Recently, the Institute of Service Excellence at Singapore Management University released the results of its tourism satisfaction survey, revealing a declining score for the first time since 2009. This year’s score, 72.6 out of a 100 point scale, dropped substantially from its 77.8 rating last year.

The Institute’s academic director, Marcus Lee, suggests that one explanation for declining tourist satisfaction may be “Singapore’s brand. The F1 and the two integrated resorts have positioned [the country] as an upmarket location, and tourists may be expecting more as a result.”

The global image of Singapore has improved, and with that expectations have increased as well. The study also cited lack of quality in food, amenities, directions, and accessibility to tourist attractions as common sources of dissatisfaction.

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