MALAYSIA: The Mystery of Flight MH370

MARLENA NIP WRITES – Update after update and still the families and friends of flight MH370 passengers have been given no hope.

Media outlets around the world have provided constant coverage since the commercial plane went missing March 8. Some even provide live, update feeds to keep readers and viewers posted on the latest. Sadly, as more time passes, these feeds have become pools of recycled information.

“Live Update: Large Object Found in Water,” seems to be every other headline posted online.  From fishermen to villagers, many people that would not otherwise be featured in the news are claiming that they saw a plane flying low in the sky.  Media outlets use whatever information they can scrape up to produce a new article for reader attention.

This recycling only reveals the case’s inadequate progress. The lack of information has the relatives and friends of the 277 victims fuming. The loved ones of the victims are blaming Malaysian Airlines for the lack of information given to them about the incident.

Recently, Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak announced that the flight “ended in the Southern Indian Ocean.” Reports state that more large objects have been found in the water that belong to the airlines.  Although the accuracy of this information remains uncertain, there are so many more unanswered questions that friends and family of the victims deserve, such as “How did the airline end up so off course to begin with?”

Until more decisive evidence is found, we can count on the media to keep us posted on the latest “large object” discovered in another new ocean.

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