NADIA ALJOJO WRITES – Last September, Instagram reached 800 million active users, up from 600 million less than a year earlier. That sort of growth and following has made the platform a gateway for – and to — the fashion and beauty industry, providing women a chance to express their creativity and reach a large and diverse following. Instagram has connected beauty and fashion gurus from across the globe, giving a spotlight to Asian fashion and beauty influencers. Here are our top five Asian fashion and beauty influencers that are a must to follow on Instagram.

Aimee Song

Aimee Song, 36, is a Korean-American blogger whose personal Instagram account, @songofstlye, has 4.7 million followers and receives more than 2 million views per month. Song is an interior designer by trade, and began her blog back in 2008 with plans to share her interior design aesthetics and portfolio shoots. But as she began posting shots of her outfits and daily style, Song received major positive attention and interest from her following. She took this as an opportunity to pivot to her own personal style blog, and has since become one of the most recognized fashion bloggers in the world. Her Instagram page consists of her effortlessly chic and trendy ensembles and envy-worthy destinations, such as Paris, Phuket, and Mauritius. Song’s success on Instagram and other blogging sites has allowed her to diversify her profession, creating her own jewelry line, Song of Style, and apparel collection, Two Songs.


Chriselle Lim

Korean American lifestyle, fashion and beauty influencer Chriselle Lim started off on YouTube in 2010, after being inspired by Michelle Phan, the Vietnamese American YouTube star whose channel has more than 1 billion lifetime views. Once Lim’s presence grew on YouTube, her Instagram following also developed. Lim currently has 1 million followers on her Instagram page, @chrisellelim, and dedicates the majority of her posts to her elegant street and runway style, as well as a variety of beauty and lifestyle tips. Lim is known for being an avid user of Korean skincare products and regularly dedicates her posts to Korean fashion and beauty. In March 2017 she partnered with J.O.A., a contemporary women’s clothing brand, and launched a new line at Nordstrom. Lim’s line at Nordstrom is inspired by style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Bianca Jagger.


Leaf Greener

Beijing based influencer Leaf Greener is a renowned stylist and fashion reporter and is most known for bringing a fresh aesthetic to Chinese fashion media. Greener is a former senior editor at ELLE China and is currently a contributing editor for InStyle China. Greener also operates her own WeChat mobile magazine, LEAF, where she shares her impressions on trending designs. As can be seen on her Instagram page, @leaf_greener, Greener has collaborated with a variety of top brands including Joyce, Estée Lauder, and Chanel. Her unique street style is followed regularly by leading fashion publications around the world, giving Greener an even larger platform.


Jeanne Grey

Jeanne Grey left her mundane, 9-to-5 corporate job to follow her passion for fashion. She has made instablogging her life and has racked up 343,000 followers on the site. The Filipina instablogger runs her page, @thegreylayers, where she documents her daily life in minimalistic, yet chic outfits, that feature neutral tones with pops of color. Grey regularly posts about how important it is to be genuine in an industry that can force people to be very surface-level to maintain an unrealistic image.


Pau Dictado

With 160,000 followers on her Instagram page, @paudictado, Los Angeles based Filipina Pau Dictado built her following by documenting her distinctly edgy, yet feminine style. Dictado’s page consists of unique hairstyles, dark makeup looks, and what she’s known for best — her black and white, monotone looks. Dictado has mastered the grunge-meets-girly style perfectly and is being recognized for her ability to make dark, edgy pieces feminine and wearable.


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