ALI AL-SABAH WRITES – The previous waves of mobile communication were driven by European and American countries. The race has shifted – now dominated by China and American. Many might ask why it is even a race — why is the gaining of faster speeds such a whirlwind that seems to change the way companies function?

The reason is that the country that launches 5G first becomes the initial and presumably exclusive supplier of 5G in that market. Slowly, the ambitious entering network will work to phase out other network coverage companies and establish dominance. In Huawei, America perceived an enormous threat in having a Chinese mainland company launch and supply 5G globally.

The viewing of Huawei as a threat triggered the effort to ban Huawei around the globe — and foremost in the United States. The blunt U.S. government move resulted in Huawei’s loss of its on company globally lost its software interface and gas to start from scratch to build Harmony OS. In 2020 again, Washington banned all United States companies that use American equipment from supplying Huawei with chips, the core component of making phones and receivers.

Despite the crucial hurdles, the harsh economic environment, and the brute force of the government of the United States of America on Huawei, the company managed to launch the 5G network on a partial scale. In Britain, the country saw China’s threat and stripped Huawei from its network; the result has been a slowdown of 5G technology for over 18 months. In this harsh environment, Huawei has had to rely on China’s muscle and has taken steps to win contracts to supply 5G networks to China. Even with Covid-19 pandemic technological mishaps, total users surpassed 88 million in July, accounting for 80% of users worldwide.

5G technology is a resource above any other as it leads to all sorts of innovations, including automated cars. It will give China’s economy better standing, resulting in three million jobs, and companies will use the unicorn that is 5G to make China a technological world of wonder. At the same time, China’s becoming so industrialized country is less a global threat than a global resource as a vast testing ground to help the world to learn how to implement 5G almost everywhere. The 5G implemented by other nations could be better refined for all sectors. For its part, China should be happily enhanced by the process of addressing the globe’s needs, even when hit with ethical concerns about its authoritarian practices. To is credit so far, China has shown that it can innovate peacefully.

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